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Whizworx is not trying to make high-tech masturbation toys -but functional solutions that enhance the pleasure for men. Masturbation should be fun, so fifi takes a lighthearted approach to it. Founded by two avid masturbators with bachelor's degrees in subjects completely unrelated, Whizworx, LLC was born out of shared interest in creating an economical, no-mess, discreet sex toy for men. Great minds think alike, and men do think about sex an awful lot, so they hit upon the same idea: to give men a better no-frills option than using their hand. It obviously needed to feel great, too. They found that the simplest ideas can give the best solutions—fifi is a perfect example. It doesn't get more basic, but it does what men want and does it well. Whizworx, LLC aims to continue delivering products that enhance men’s personal pleasure.

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