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Get the best prices for tires and wheels in all sizes at Discount Tire -the largest custom wheel and tire retailer in the US! Find a shop near you or just browse online. Purchase tires and get them shipped to your garage door anywhere in the US or to Canada: easy, reliable, quality. Discount Tire also has a great info center to help you find out exactly what you need. From safety and maintenance for beginners to advanced tire info like load indexes and heat cycling. Discount Tire has built a reputation for quality and excellence in their 50 years which is why they are the industry's #1 resource for tires and wheels. 

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Up to $70 Cooper Rebate When Purchasing a Set of 4 select Cooper Winter Tires.

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Up to $100 Goodyear Rebate When You Purchase a Select Set of 4 Goodyear Tires.

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Do Your P.A.R.T.

Tires are like the shoes for your car. Maybe even more important, like feet. Although you can’t get a pedicure for your car’s tires, you can make sure that they are in good condition. When your tires are not in great condition it is dangerous. Your stopping distance increases, especially in wet conditions. Take some time to do your P.A.R.T. and check your tires. That stands for Pressure, Alignment, Rotation, and Tread.

Check the pressure with a pressure gauge and make sure it is up to the recommended level which you can find on the tire wall. If your tires are too low it will cause extra wear on them and you will have to replace them sooner. It is also dangerous because tires with too low of pressure can blow out, which, if it happens when you are going fast, can cause an accident. Most people think about tire pressure when they consider their tires but that is not the only important thing to remember.  

If your tires look like they are wearing too much and unevenly, then you might have a wheel alignment problem. Alignment is something that is a little more difficult to do on your own. Honestly, who wants to learn about how to check their own tire alignment? For those eager to learn about caster and camber, in Discount Tire’s Tips & Guides section you can learn about wheel alignment. You will quickly discover that you do not want to learn about wheel alignment.

Rotation is all about making sure that you get the longest life out of your tires. Moreover, it also helps to ensure that your tires aren’t too loud. Generally, you should rotate your tires every 6,000 miles but some vehicle manufacturers have different guidelines. Check out this video from Discount Tire to learn more.

The final part of P.A.R.T. is Tread. Simply put: tread is the part of the tire that gives it grip on the road, especially under wet conditions. Tire tread helps to push the water out of the way so the tires won’t slide. When tires go bald, they can slip and spin. Even if you have 4-wheel drive, bald tires can cause you to hydroplane. You also have to make sure you are using the right kind of tread for certain conditions, which is why things like winter tires exist.

Doing your P.A.R.T. is important for saving money and for safety. If you don’t want to take on all this extra work yourself, then Discount Tire can help. Just go to their site and schedule an inspection. If you find your tread is a little low, they can help you find great replacement tires. They will install them and get you moving in no time. They also offer free lifetime rotations when you buy tires from them so you won’t have to do it yourself.