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Save up to $800 off Air Conditioning Units and Accessories

Save up to $800 off Air Conditioning Units and Accessories

DEAL EXPIRED! - Dusting off the camper? Getting everything ready to go camping? Don't forget to check out your air conditioner. Sleeping in a hot camper is like trying to sleep in an oven. You might have even experienced something similar last year and told yourself "I have got to get a better A/C unit." Now is your chance! Camping World is having a sale on units and accessories. Save up to $800 right now! You don't want to find out in the middle of a week long trip that you needed to replace your A/C unit. Your camper might be the last respite from the summer heat. Make sure you can stay cool.

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Save up to $100 on select items.

End date: 07/24/2018

Free shipping on orders $99+

End date: 11/01/2020

Up to 70% off clearance items

End date: 11/01/2018

Lowest Prices of the Season on Sleep Number Mattresses.

End date: 06/25/2018

Up to $220 off Champion Portable Generators.

End date: 07/08/2018

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Adventurer Twelve Speed Bike, Midnight

Adventurer Twelve Speed Bike, Midnight

DEAL EXPIRED! Get out and about! Camping World has a great deal right now on an Adventurer twelve speed folding bike. It has 22" wheels which means this is like a real bike not some clown toy. However, it folds up for easy storage. The quick clamps mean it only takes a few seconds to unfold and start riding. It is great for camping or just a crowded apartment. It can fit in your trunk or even in a closet. With 12 speeds you can have versatility when riding through any landscape. Right now this Adventurer folding bike is 24% off. Save $55 right now! 

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50% off Body Spa RV Shower Kits.

50% off Body Spa RV Shower Kits.

DEAL EXPIRED! Staying clean when you are RV-ing can be hard to do. Between campfires, long hikes and just being outdoors, you can get grimy fast. Living in close quarters with stinky people isn't very pleasant either. At Camping World you can solve this problem with the Oxygenics BodySpa. Designed with RVs in mind it charges up weak water pressure for a strong spray. It also uses less water, so your tank stays full longer. There is even a SmartPause valve so you can turn in on an off with just a tap. Right now it is on sale for 50% off at Camping World! 

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