Traditional, basic, serious. These might sound like words that describe something boring but not with Horchow. Elegant, simple and seriously stylish fits them better. They have delightfully designed home furnishings for those that seek to find stylish and comfortable decor and furniture. Horchow takes design trends and brings them into your home. Trends range from the artisanal, which features a homey yet global vibe, to the new traditional, which takes the classics and mixes them into something fresh and new. Find something fits into a cosmopolitan arrangement or something a little more luxuriously modern. Take they lead and mix things up to fit your own eclectic sensibilities.  You can't go wrong with Horchow's quality made and designed decor. 
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Horchow Coupons and Offers


20% off Sitewide.

End date: 06/18/2022

25% off Waterford Stemware and Elegance.

End date: 03/29/2018

Weekly Specials Every Monday.

End date: 01/01/2051

Flatware under $200.

End date: 05/06/2018


End date: 08/12/2021