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Top Deal 15% Off Orders of $150+!

15% Off Orders of $150+!

If you dislike shopping, then shopping online is probably something for you. And if you are wary of buying clothes online, because you're afraid it won't fit, then Paul Fredrick is definitely for you! Paul Fredrick guarantees a perfect fit, as well as a smooth return and exchange policy. If you're not already a fan of Paul Fredrick's high-end products, then here's your chance: take advantage of the Comprigo-only deal and get 15% off on your purchase over $150 with the code 15U71S.

Valid until 07/31/2017
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Top Deal Get an extra 10% off MacBooks!

Get an extra 10% off MacBooks!

Tired of your sluggish old PC? Then check out this exclusive offer from Blinq and get an extra 10% discount on your new Apple MacBook! Its sleek design, user-friendly interface and high performance will steal your hearth and blow your mind. Stand out from the crowd with your brand new Apple Laptop - don't miss out on this limited time offer!

Valid until 05/02/2017
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Top Deal Celebrate Administrative Professionals Day! Save 15%

Celebrate Administrative Professionals Day! Save 15%

April 16th is Administrative Professionals Day! Does this not present the perfect opportunity to express your admiration for a fellow coworker? Or perhaps this could be an excuse to let unwanted admirers know your special someone is taken? Whatever the motive: you can't be wrong with flowers, especially not when you can save 15%! Celebrate Administrative Professionals Day and show affection in a language everybody can understand! Use the code ADMNFFTN at checkout.

Valid until 05/02/2017
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Top Deal 25% off First 2 Hours for Handyman Service

25% off First 2 Hours for Handyman Service

Things break down. Washing machines. Cars. Plumbing. People after they have been trying to fix these things and they don't really know how to do it and it has been two weeks without clean socks and everyone looks at you funny because you only use the bathroom at work and they know it. You can't do everything yourself and you don't have to. Check out and get 25% off the first two hours for handyman service. They make it easy to search for the exact person you need and you can find next day help by trusted professionals. Everyone needs a helping hand, find one at   

Valid until 01/01/2051
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Top Deal $10 off Ultramini DLP Projector

$10 off Ultramini DLP Projector

"Hey everyone, let's crowd around Jim so we can look at the tiny screen of his phone!" said no one ever. "I can't wait to barely hear the sound from that awesome video on Jim's phone!" Dave didn't say.  Come on Jim, you're letting everyone down but it doesn't have to be that way. Check out the Ultramin DLP projector at Tomtop. It fits in your pocket, plays just about anything, comes with its own speaker. You don't have to keep it plugged into a wall either. Stick a SD card in it and have a little slide show. Take it camping for a little outdoor theater. Save $10 now with the code DLP10 

Valid until 04/26/2017
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