The Coolest Accessories for Fans of Luxury Autos

The perfect accessories for lovers of luxury car brands like Maserati, Ferrari, Porsche, and Lamborghini

The Coolest Accessories for Fans of Luxury Autos

They are fast, loud, have an unforgettable design and are the optimal status symbol for everyone who likes to show off a bit: luxury cars.

Maserati, Ferrari, Porsche and more: fans of these brands often get tears in their eyes just by looking at these beauties. Why? Probably because they aren't able to afford them.

Is your dream car too expensive? Don't panic! 

You can still fulfil your automotive dream... well, at least to a certain extent. Every luxury car brand has developed accessories that represent the spirit (and logo!) of their individual brand.

Whether through the embossment of a logo or use of their brand-specific style: get an accessory which is reminiscent of your dream car for a fraction of the price. 

We've made a list of suggestions of affordable products which should make every luxury car fan with a tight wallet happy. Get the perfect luxurious touch from your favourite car brand in the form of everyday accessories. And who knows, if people notice your Maserati keychain at the next party, you're sure to get plenty of looks! 

Maserati Keychain

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Here it is, the aforementioned Maserati keychain, that will surely grab the attention of all the guests at the party. Of course, you'll react cool and natural, as if you didn't need the attention, anyway.

The keychain looks admittedly a bit pompous as if it was cut straight out of the hood of a Maserati: shiny and sleek with the embossment of the Maserati logo.

With everyone so distracted by your keychain, no one will think to ask why you don't have an actual key to the car!

Porsche USB Stick

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Save all of your important data on this nifty Porsche USB stick. With a design based on the Porsche Panamera, the headlights even light up!

Once you've saved up enough money to be able to afford a Porsche, you'll probably have a lot of important tax or business documents you'll have to keep safe and organized. This USB stick is perfect just for that purpose. 

Lamborghini Baseball Cap

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A baseball cap with a Lamborghini logo is not only a creative way to show your love for this car brand, but also a practical item to have on a sunny day.

Show off the love for your favorite car brand and chat with other fans about it. Who knows if enough fans come together, maybe you could all save up enough cash to buy a Lamborghini together! 

Ferrari Travel Mug

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Is your next family holiday coming up, and you're bummed out that you're making the drive with an old RV instead of a gorgeous Ferrari? 

If it's any consolation: your family's luggage probably fits better in the RV than in a sleek Ferrari. Just in case you still want a little flair for the ride, you can sip some coffee from this stylish Ferrari travel mug

Bentley Corkscrew

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Inspired by the door handle of the classic Bentley Mulsanne, this polished chrome Bentley Corkscrew is perfect for those nights when a fancy bottle of wine is simply necessary.

While you're saving up for your new Bentley, you might want to be careful not to spend too much on things like wine... however, as long as you have this fancy corkscrew with you, no one will notice if the wine cost a lot or if you picked it up at the local grocery store. 

Jaguar Cologne

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Even if you can't afford a Jaguar, at least you can smell like someone who can!

Check out this cologne from Jaguar, perfect for evenings out on the town. Plus you don't have to break the bank to buy it!
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