Coffee Lovers: Find Your Perfect Coffee Machine

Start your day off right with home-brewed coffee. comprigo’s handy guide helps coffee lovers find the perfect coffee machine. Find out more here.

Coffee Lovers: Find Your Perfect Coffee Machine

Coffee is an essential part of everyone's day. Most people cultivate a serious caffeine addiction, which makes getting through the day without a cup of coffee almost impossible. It's easy to become emotional about coffee. Without coffee, we might not get along so easily with our family members, loved ones, or work colleagues. Unsurprisingly, coffee plays an important part in morning routines, office environments and even how we socialize. Getting the ideal blend may seem like a fine art, but with the perfect coffee machine, you’ll look forward to greeting every morning with a mug of your favorite brew. You have three main options for coffee machines: bean-to-cup, filter coffee, and pod or pad machines. To help you make an informed decision, we'll discuss the crucial factors you should consider before buying one and take you through the main pros and cons of each machine. How do you like your coffee? 

Things to consider

When considering what machine to buy, it's important to think about how you like your coffee. You probably know exactly how you like your coffee and are willing to work for the perfect cup. It's extremely essential to consider your personal preferences BEFORE buying a coffee machine as it will determine the perfect coffee machine for you.

How often do you drink coffee?

Most people drink multiple cups of coffee during the day. It fuels creativity and generally makes the hassles of life more bearable. If you depend on coffee as your lifeblood, you'll want a machine with a larger water capacity so that you won't need to refill the tank every time you want a coffee. Do you prefer one specific brand of coffee? Do you love Lavazza coffee? Or do you thrive on using artisan roasted blends from your local cafe? You're feelings towards well-known brands or even one specific brand will determine the type of machine you buy. Coffee pad or pod machines often lock you into one brand. For example, Lavazza machines only take Lavazza pods. Obvs. Do you want your coffee made a certain way? Are you a coffee pro? Know the perfect ratio of water to ground coffee? Do you tell your barista how to make your coffee? Or better yet, have worked as a barista? If so, you'll want a filter coffee machine. Consider if you have the patience to master using this machine, though, as baristas make it look easier than it actually is.

How quickly do you want your coffee?

Coffee machines vary in speed. Some can create the perfect blend in 15 seconds, while others take longer. If you want your coffee in a hurry, consider buying a machine that produces coffee quickly. Whatever you choose, it's an important decision and should not be taken lightly. After all, coffee can be essential for productivity and helping you make the most of every day.

Bean-to-Cup Machines

De'Longhi Magnifica


  • Quantity – you can make larger amounts of coffee more frequently.
  • Variety – you can use most, if not all, brands of coffee beans.


  • Price – bean-to-cup machines often come with a much higher price tag than other machines.
  • Size – they’re also bigger in size and might be heavier to move around.

Top Brands

  • Bosch
  • De’Longhi
  • Gaggia

Bean-to-cup machines like the De'Longhi Magnifica help you to recreate the coffee shop experience at home. The machines grind whole beans to produce a fresh cup of coffee. You don't need barista training to operate these machines. Simply press a button and ta-da instant coffee. Having a bean-to-cup machine also doesn’t restrict you to one particular brand of coffee as the machines accept a wide variety of beans. On the downside, they’re a tad more expensive with prices ranging from roughly $250 to $1200.

Filter Coffee Machines

Delonghi Brillante


  • Price – filter coffee machines tend to be cheaper than other machines.
  • Variety – you’re not limited to buying one brand of coffee.


  • Cleaning – you’ll have to take good care of these otherwise your coffee might start to taste a little off.
  • Maintenance – if you leave used ground coffee in the machine, it’ll probably get moldy and no-one likes a moldy coffee machine.

Top Brands

  • De’Longhi
  • Sage
  • KitchenAid

With a filter coffee machine like the Hamilton Beach, you can customize your daily brew by controlling the amount of water and ground beans in your coffee. If you have specific coffee preferences, this is certainly a perk. Yet making the perfect brew might seem relatively complicated at first. Filter coffee machines are not ideal for anyone with limited time or patience, but having total control over your coffee makes the effort worthwhile. Generally, filter coffee machines cost between £100 to £200 so they’re cheaper than the more expensive bean-to-cup machines.

Pad or Pod Machines

Nespresso Vertuo


  • Usability – put the pad or pod in, hit a button or two, and you’re good to go.
  • Cleaning – pad/pod machines are made up of small parts which are easy to dismantle and clean.


  • Lack of variety – you’ll most likely be limited to capsules and pods from one
  • brand.
  • Long-term costs – paying for pods or pads over a long period of time can be expensive.

Top Brands

  • Nespresso
  • Lavazza
  • Keurig

Coffee pad or pod machines like this Nespresso Vertuo are becoming an increasingly popular option. Pad machines attract a large following of European coffee lovers (especially in Germany and the Netherlands). They're quick and easy to use – simply insert a pod, press a button, and you can instantly enjoy brewed coffee. Unfortunately, these machines also have a number of drawbacks. You might have to stick to buying just one brand as the machines aren't compatible with other types of pods or pads. If you try to maintain an environmentally-friendly home, these machines aren't ideal as they produce A LOT of waste and can't be recycled. But, using reusable or compostable pads or pods can help address this issue.Coffee pods and pads also tend to cost a bit more in the long term than ground coffee.