How To Clean Your iPhone Charging Port: Tech Tips

Read up on different ways on how to clean your iPhone charging port.

How To Clean Your iPhone Charging Port: Tech Tips

iPhones (and smartphones in general) make life easier on so many levels. However, that doesn’t go to say that they’re not without their issues. Many iPhone users report that their charging ports (also known as Lightning connectors) often become clogged with dust, crumbs and general debris, which prevents them from charging.

If yours isn’t charging, or only charges with a specific cable, then you’ll want to know how to clean your iPhone charging port. Here are three fail-safe ways to go about it.

Ask the Professionals

The safest way to clean or repair any technological device is to seek professional help. Professionals have the right tools and skills to clean charging ports without damaging them. Instead of using a toothpick, like most DIY iPhone fixers, they’ll use professional cleaning tools like a mini vacuum. Your first step should be taking it to a local Apple store, but if you can’t access one then consider taking it to a watch repair or tech gadget shop who may have access to the relevant tools.

Using Compressed Air

If you’d rather try to get the job done yourself, it is possible to clean your iPhone charging port using canned or compressed air. Apple doesn’t recommend this method, but plenty of iPhone users have reported success with it. When using compressed air, use only a little bit at a time and proceed very cautiously – don’t unload the whole can into your charging port as you’ll almost certainly damage it!

  • Buy a can of compressed air that has a small (normally red) straw attached to the nozzle

  • Turn your phone off

  • Place the straw at one end of the charging port

  • Blow one or two short (less than a second) blasts into the port

  • Repeat

  • Test to see if you’ve been successful

The Sim Ejector Method

If you bought your iPhone new, then it’ll have come with a small, metallic sim ejector in the packaging. These tend to be very thin, so working your way around the cramped Lightning port is a lot easier. Sim ejectors are also very robust, so you won’t need to worry about anything breaking inside the port and clogging it further. Here’s how to use one to clean out your iPhone’s charging port.

  • Find your sim ejector tool or buy one online

  • Turn your phone off

  • Work the tool into the Lightning port at an angle

  • Gently scrape all the lint out

  • Plug your phone into a charger and test

How NOT to Clean Your iPhone Charging Port

Although reasonably popular, the toothpick method is probably one of the riskiest ways to clean an iPhone charging port. A charging port is basically a series of fragile little pins, so inserting anything in that shouldn’t be there generally isn’t a good idea.

Toothpicks are also prone to breaking and if this happens during the process you’ll risk clogging your Lightning port even more. Remember – if you damage these pins, you may end up having to fork out a significant amount to replace the whole port! Stay safe and go for one of the recommended methods listed above.