How to Get Good Deals on Flights for Vacation Adventures

Plan your summer adventure like a pro and learn how to get good deals on flights, including the best days to book, which airlines to consider and more.

How to Get Good Deals on Flights for Vacation Adventures

It’s commonly accepted that flight prices can be wildly different. By doing some research, though, it’s easy enough to score good deals and save yourself some money for when you’re actually on your trip. Our guide explains how to get good deals on flights for summer adventures, giving you everything you need to plan a fun-filled getaway to a destination of your choice.

Book Your Flight on Monday

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What day you choose to book your flight could determine how much you pay for it. A recent report by Skyscanner, who monitors flight data, revealed that Monday is, generally speaking, a cheaper day to book travel than Saturday.

Airline pricing models frequently change, so it’s hard to explain exactly how they forecast future price structures. However, the same research, conducted over a three-year period, shows that booking on a Saturday could increase prices by as much as 5%!

Travel on a Friday

Previously, experts recommended traveling midweek, say on a Tuesday or Wednesday, as these days were thought to be the cheapest days to fly. However, recent research revealed that, depending on which country you are in, Saturday could be cheapest (you could potentially save up to 18%), while the most expensive day was Monday. In the UK the trend is different as Friday is the cheapest day to fly and Sunday is the most expensive.

Check Airport Options

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Some cities have multiple airports or are a short drive from another airport. Around Chicago, you can choose from O'Hare, Midway and not too far away in Milwaukee, Mitchell. When searching for a flight, it’s always worthwhile checking nearby airports as being flexible on departure location could result in massive savings.

You can also use this trick for your destination airport. Cities, like Rome, for instance, have more than one airport. Set aside a little time and try to research exactly how far your arrival airport is from the city and how much it’ll cost to get there. Otherwise, certain airports offer shuttle buses into bigger cities, so if you’re staying centrally then this can work out cheaper than getting a taxi.

Be Flexible on Airlines

If you’re simply looking to get from A to B as cheaply as possible, no-frill airlines like JetBlue, Southwest, and Spirit Airlines are nearly always a good bet. The basic rates for these airlines usually only allow carry-on luggage and don’t include food or entertainment. Make sure to check what’s included before you fly.

Consider Flying Indirectly

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Let’s say you’re flying from the UK to California and most routes stop off via New York en route. It might end up being cheaper buying a one-way ticket to New York, then adding on a flight from there to California as an extra part of the journey. Just make sure you don’t book flights which are only a matter of hours apart, otherwise you might miss them in the event of any delays!