What is the Best Height for TV Stands?

Finding it tough to position your TV stand? Discover the best way to position your TV with our collection of tips and suggestions.

What is the Best Height for TV Stands?

Husbands and wives, siblings and housemates alike have all been fighting about the best height for TV stands for decades now. It can be excruciatingly hard to decide on a position and angle which works for everyone. Some say it’s a matter of personal preference, but there are a few universal rules you can follow to get the most out of your viewing experience. First off, let’s take a look at height.

The “Ideal” TV Height

Brandi Jorgensen, an installer from tech company Geek Squad, recommends having the middle of the TV screen at eye level. Since eye level can vary quite significantly within a household, going off a rough ballpark will have to do. Make sure to measure for your seated eye level, though, as you’re unlikely to watch the TV while standing (unless you’re cheering on your favorite sports team!).

Try placing your TV on a stand 35 to 45 inches above floor level – this is generally a safe bet in terms of most room sizes and it’ll allow you to watch TV in comfort. As the middle 10-inch mark of most TV screens is 10 to 20 inches from the bottom of the TV, it’s best to calculate this into where you place the TV on the wall. In other words, try and position the middle part of the screen as close to eye level as possible.

If you’re using a mounted TV stand, mark the wall with a pencil lightly where you’d want the center of the TV to be placed. Measure around 15 inches up the wall – this is where the stand should be installed. For Samsung TVs, we’d recommend using a Samsung WMN-M10EA Samsung QLED TV Wall Mount. Otherwise, the VonHaus 23-56” Double Arm Tilt & Swivel TV Wall Mount Bracket works well with most sized TVs.

The “Ideal” TV Position

In most homes, the TV is, whether you like it or not, the focal point of the room. Because of this, we’d recommend arranging your other furniture so that it’s easy and comfortable to see the TV. You don’t want to have to crank your neck to watch your favorite programme – watching TV should be all about relaxing, after all.

Yet, you also don’t want a big black box as the primary focus of the living room. Most of us aren’t lucky enough to have a room devoted solely to the TV and need the room to have multiple functions. Yes, we want to zone out and watch TV sometimes, but we might also want to socialize and even eat in the same room. This poses a unique problem – how do we comfortably view the TV without it being the main focus?

By using an adjustable arm or swivel TV stand, you could create a corner media station and only bring out (or swivel out) the TV when you wish to watch it. This’ll leave you with much more room and avoid a situation where the TV dominates most of the room. Alternatively, try hanging it against a dark backdrop. This will help it to blend in, providing the TV itself is black or a similar dark color.

No matter how good you think it looks, remember never to place your TV above a fireplace. The heat from the fire could severely damage the sensitive electronics inside your TV. When it comes to screen width, keep in mind the size of the room you’re buying the TV for and try not to dwarf the rest of the room with it. Getting the perfect position will take some trial and error as each room is different, but following our basic principles will help get you that little bit closer.

The “Ideal” TV Distance

How close you sit to your TV is ultimately a matter of personal preference. For 1080p HDTVs, we’d recommend sitting (in terms of feet) roughly 1.5 to 2.5 times the screen’s diagonal measurements away from it. If you’ve got a 4K TV, then you can afford to sit a little closer – approximately a foot and a half closer than you would with that of a 1080p model.

As a general rule, though, you’re sitting too close if you can make out your screen’s inner structure (that’s the rows and columns of pixels that look like tiny dots). Here are basic guidelines of how far you should sit from your TV based on screen size:

40” TV = 5 to 8.3 feet away

43” TV = 5.4 to 9 feet away

60” TV = 7.5 to 12.5 feet away